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Advanced people-place matching algorithm

User's public profile

See what a landlord, roommate or a candidate for a roommate is like. How they spend their
free time, if they like pets, what is their attitude towards life, what are their hobbies,
occupation and what languages they speak. For even better match - connect with Instagram,
Spotify, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Edit your profile to find a perfect match. Upload photos, add your bio, languages you
speak and occupation. Like partying? Smoking? A pet-lover? Specify with the slider.

Explore places

Browse all rooms and flats available taking into consideration which ones are
your best match. Check the price and ratings given to landlords and tenants.
Found something interesting? Save for later.

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Check out the details about the apartment - location, ratings, house rules
and rooms. See if you’ll be welcome there - is it for
party animals or bookworms? Can you smoke there? Are there any animals?